Here you will find some on-line tutorials for the products on your laptop.

Microsoft® Photo Story 3 is a free tool you can use to create media presentations from your digital photos, complete with transitions, music, narration, and special effects.

MS Office

Use the links in this article to get free Training courses on Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, plus more) that will clue you in. There are more than 150 courses at Office Online, but these are good ones to start with if you’re starting from scratch.



Welcome to Activtips! Here you'll find short video tutorials on how to complete a variety of functions in ActivInspire, from creating containers to working with Magic Ink.

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User Guides & Docs

Download quick-start guides for a range of Promethean solutions.

21st Century Skills Concepts

What is meant by "21st century skills?" How do they relate to what I should be teaching in my classroom? These are just some of the questions that you might be asking when you hear the term "21st century skills." In this series of tutorials, we will present what we mean by the terminology and how it relates to the models and frameworks that have been developed by other organizations.

Workshops for Educators

Atomic Learning's workshops help school faculty and staff members learn essential communication skills.

Here are some on web applications.

Creating a Webquest


Some videos for you.

RSS Feeds


To find other videos like these, go to this link.