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Using comics in the classroom is a great way to reach students and make your teaching more entertaining. Check out websites such as Comics in the Classroom for great ideas on how you can use these tools to create engaging lessons.

  1. Comic Creator. Supply the information you want in this tool that provides people, animals, thought and speech bubbles, props, and backdrops.

  2. Howtoon. These comics from Instructables are specifically for teaching children how to do stuff. Let students use these cartoons to learn how to do projects or use them as a role for students creating their own how-to comics.

  3. Tech Module: Using Comic Life in the Classroom. Learn how to use Comic Life, an inexpensive comic generator, in the classroom with this tutorial that also includes tons of fun lesson plans from several outside resources.

  4. Pixton. Opt to let students create their own individual comic strip or try the free trial of Pixton for Schools for a class project.

  5. Make Beliefs Comix. This tool allows students to create comic strips with lots of options for customizing their strips and plenty of teacher resources too.

  6. Bitstrip. Let students create their own comics or browse through other people’s comics posted at this site.

  7. BeFunky. Have students use digital photos to turn them into digital comics with this tool.

  8. Comiqs. Use ready-made templates or design your own images with this cartoon generator that creates a slide show with the results.

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