Summer Technology Institute 2009 – June 15 -18

All sessions will be held at Riverview Junior/Senior High School

The Summer Institute will run for 4 days with morning and afternoon sessions. Each session will cover 2 - 4 topics. The break down will be 30 – 60 minutes of instruction per topic and 30 - 60 minutes of working with the product and discussing how to use the product in the classroom.


Here is a link to the Wiki that will be used during all sessions.





Digital Media


Research Skills

Authentic Assessment

Audacity - Podcasting



Case Studies



Clicker Systems


Google Docs

Comic Strip Generators



Digital Storytelling

Stained Glass Collage


Survey Monkey


Apex - An Overivew

Sessions - What They Are
Create talking pictures.
Audacity – Podcasting
Audacity® is free, open source software for recording and editing sounds. Create short news and stories that can be uploaded to your computer or your ipod/mp3 player. -
Make a slideshow and tell a story -
Make your own speaking Avatar.
Stained Glass -
With StainedGlass Collages you share more than just collections of photographs; you share entire events. Simply upload your digital photos and then follow our simple instructions. Within minutes you will have a beautiful StainedGlass Collage that you can email to friends, print out and frame or publish on the Internet.
Glogster -
Cool interface for web pages or wikis. A glog is a digital poster that can contain images, video and sound. Creators can share them with other people via their social network or website.

Skype –
Classroom conferencing tool.
Blogs -
Public Journaling.
Google Docs
Collaboration tool.
Social messaging utility for staying connected in real-time
Real Simple Syndication – subscription news feeds – How to get the information that you usually search for come directly to you.
Apex - An Overview
The Apex Learning® Academic Curriculum provides standards-based courses for high school and transitioning middle school students in math, science, English, social studies, world languages, electives, and Advanced Placement. With the Apex Learning Academic Curriculum, schools are able to take advantage of a range of online learning approaches to address critical education challenges and raise achievement for all students — from those who are not succeeding in traditional programs to students capable of advanced coursework.

Educational Search Engine
Delicious and other Teacher Social Networks
Social Bookmark tool. Have your bookmarks available to you on any computer and share them with those you want to share with.
Inspiration and Webspiration -
Visual thinking tool that helps you
capture ideas, organize information, diagram processes and create clear,
concise written documents whether working individually or collaboratively. -
The Automatic Bibliography & Citation Maker
Highlight and share articles on the web.
Wikis –
Tool for creating content rich web pages – great for classroom collaborations.

Case Studies -
Authentic assessments.
Clicker Systems
Assessment tool for the classroom

Digital Storytelling - PhotoStory
Take still photos and turn them into a digital story.
Digital Storytelling - MovieMaker
Create videos.
Digital Storytelling - Comic Strip Generators -
Create stories using comics and photos.
Survey Monkey -
Survey creator.

Each session is between 1 and 2 hours long. The break down will be 30 – 60 minutes of instruction and 30 - 60 minutes of playing with the product and discussing how to use the product in the classroom.

If you are interested in attending, please complete this survey please complete this survey by June 2nd - Summer Institute

Online Educational communities –

The first social networking website designed specifically for educators -

Smart Board -
Helping Teachers and Students Reach the World - The Global Education Collaborative
The community for educators using Web 2.0 and collaborative technologies! -